zabbix 3.0 beta2正式发布!

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  • [ZBX-1357] updated Czech, Italian, Japanese, Georgian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
  • [ZBX-4069] fixed LDAP and Oracle DB compilation conflict
  • [ZBX-10297] fixed changing web scenario status from list view
  • [ZBX-10158] fixed template "JMX Generic"
  • [ZBXNEXT-2662] added escaping of the HTML entities and tags in the GUI notifications
  • [ZBXNEXT-2662] added space between Auto-logout elemants in the user profile form
  • [ZBXNEXT-2662] fixed flickering of disabled radios
  • [ZBXNEXT-2662] fixed logo white background
  • [ZBX-10227] fixed exporting events to CSV for selected host
  • [ZBX-10280] fixed events export to CSV
  • [ZBX-10163] fixed expression area changes in LLD rule filters when selecting different type of calculation
  • [ZBX-10112] fixed displaying trigger name in IT service dependencies after error
  • [ZBX-10182] fixed percentile line checkbox checking
  • [ZBX-9938] fixed displaying incorrect number of hosts that have acknowledged problematic triggers in dashboard host status widget when "Problem display" is "Unacknowledged only" in dashboard filter
  • [ZBX-10251] fixed "countOutput" calculation in map.get API method
  • [ZBX-9877] changed system.uname on Windows to get data from WMI, fixed wmi.get[] to return UTF-8 encoded strings
  • [ZBX-10282] fixed undefined index "eztext_limit" in media types
  • [ZBX-10300] fixed subfilter for host items
  • [ZBX-10288] fixed unexpected parameter type in imagepolygon()
  • [ZBX-10284] fixed possible crash when removing all cached actions during configuration sync
  • [ZBX-9733] fixed possibility to start several agents on the same port on Windows
  • [ZBX-10285] fixed map export fatal error
  • [ZBX-9969] fixed availability of action menu popups for map elements
  • [ZBX-9730] removed unused value map template "Host status" and added new - "Host availability"
  • [ZBX-10230] fixed and improved translatable strings

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    • 虫子
      虫子 9

      请问最新的Zabbix3.0中的拓扑图 中的“扑”字错了。。修改了frontend文件中所有的扑之后页面显示还是错误的“拓墣图”,我该怎么修改啊?