Zabbix 3.0.3rc1版本正式发布

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Zabbix 3.0.3rc1版本发布,下载地址,如没有特别需要,不建议生产环境使用。当前版本修复zabbix3.0.0的已知问题,以及默认显示中文翻译。

What's New

:: Bug Fixes

  • [ZBX-10672] added script name and command into a script execution form
  • [ZBX-1357] enabled Chinese (China) translation to be displayed by default
  • [ZBX-1357] updated Chinese (China), English (United States), French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators

:: New Features and Improvements

  • [ZBX-9839] fixed Windows compilation error and time zone related issues
  • [ZBX-10752] fixed array formatting in exported JSON
  • [ZBX-10755] fixed deletion of the items which used in graph Y axis min/max parameters
  • [ZBX-10690] fixed possible buffer overruns in discovery macro substitution and other macro context issues
  • [ZBX-10640] fixed unexpected reset of group and host filter
  • [ZBX-10598] removed redundant closing PHP tags in configuration example file and when generating PHP files
  • [ZBX-10741] enforced bash usage in mysql.size user parameter configuration script to avoid issues with different default shells; thanks to Timo Lindfors for reporting it
  • [ZBX-10722] fixed color picker wrapping
  • [ZBX-10692] fixed crash when resolving {TRIGGER.NAME} of the trigger with expression containing unknown user macro
  • [ZBX-10607] fixed validation of JSON import source data in configuration.import method
  • [ZBX-10727] fixed timeout being too low when sending configuration data to active proxy
  • [ZBX-10614] fixed crash during configuration update when context is added to a macro without context
  • [ZBX-6563] fixed potential incorrect data from icmppingsec item with low latency hosts
  • [ZBX-10600] fixed proxy sorting in "Monitored by proxy" dropdown in host edit form
  • [ZBX-10587] fixed inventory mode not being inherited for host prototypes when linking template to a template/host
  • [ZBX-10681] fixed loss of trailing whitespace in unquoted function parameters when creating calculated items with low level discovery
  • [ZBX-8924] improved performance of alert.get method
  • [ZBX-10686] updated success and error messages for triggers, items and graphs 'Copy' operations
  • [ZBX-10693] fixed API configuration.import method for importing template and/or host with trigger prototype dependency
  • [ZBXNEXT-1263] added finishing touches to encryption support
  • [ZBX-10540] fixed encoding reset when Zabbix process auto-reconnects MySQL database
  • [ZBX-10670] fixed disabling of script confirmation in Administration -> Script -> Edit form
  • [ZBX-10670] fixed display of form fields for different types of script in Administration -> Script -> Edit form
  • [ZBX-9968] fixed monitoring discovery and monitoring map data refresh
  • [ZBX-10548] fixed agent compilation on Solaris without zone support (e.g. Solaris 9), added awareness of running on a newer Solaris with zones
  • [ZBX-10639] changed incorrect labels in item filters and host filters
  • [ZBX-10668] added hint for action operation steps on how to proceed infinitely
  • [ZBX-10674] prohibited 'band' operator for counting float values
  • [ZBX-10658] fixed count() evaluation for numeric values with operator and empty pattern
  • [ZBX-10551] fixed possible crash when constants are extracted from invalid trigger expression containing '{' without matching '}'
  • [ZBX-10646] fixed adding trigger prototype dependencies when cloning a host or template
  • [ZBX-10511] fixed pagination throwing an error after performing enable or disable via link on an object
  • [ZBX-10312] changed sum(), str(), regexp(), iregexp() trigger functions to return 0 if there are no data in the requested range